'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Thursday, December 29, 2011

'First Snow'

The delight of late afternoon sunlight on
the first snowfall of the season.
It is truly a wonderful world
and oh so very precious.
Oil on canvas 24 x 36.
Your thoughts & comments are always appreciated.


Caroline said...

You capture the light so beautifully in your lovely snow and sunlight painting. Happy new year to you!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Jeffrey!... "First Snow"... Gloriously captures in full and radiant colour and light of that event we outdoor painters all look forward to !

There is magic in that first snowfall isn't there Jeffrey? Snow wipes away all the sadness and gloom of November... and readys one for the Lights and Joys of Winter and Christmas!

Good painting!... Happy New Year... Good Health and Prosperity in 2012!!
Warmest regards,

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks so much Caroline. Happy New Year to you Caroline!


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks for that Bruce. All the best to you and yours for a grand New Year!