'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

'Waiting for the Swallows'

Here on the southern tip of Vancouver Island
we are experiencing one the strangest 
winters. Spring is here like it was
 late March already. However this
weather pattern is heading us toward a
severe wild fire season this year.
But for right now painting on a lovely
morning in this local marsh was
way past splendid!!
Mallards, Green-wings and Canada's were
working the shallow bog pools
like they meant it.
The sun felt good, real good...
'Waiting for the Swallows'
oil on wood panel
9 x 12
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

'Lisa Jane'
1955 - 2015

The mysterious universe that we are born into
never gives up her secrets easily.
There are of course certain truths that
reveal themselves to those who care to see.
Our time here is but a tear drop
in the Great Salish Sea.
Some are born with challenges that make
the understanding of fair 
impossible to comprehend.
They go through life swimming against
unrelenting tides, defying the odds.
They are stars that shine in our lives that
no cloud can obscure.
When they 'walk on' another bright star will
shine down on the earth and
the mystery will continue unabated.
"To love and be loved in return"
as Nat sang, is a marvelous truth.
All things of course are relative as they say.
Still there seems no greater pursuit than
those things that can go with us when
 our time to walk on is here.
It is the things we share 
in our heart, mind and soul
with those we love and touch with 
thoughtfulness, kindness and acceptance
that will travel with us on the next journey.
They are the riches we leave behind to
soothe the grief of those who care.
Another truth, is at times in life words just
don't seem to be enough.
But in life it is the trying and the caring
that really seem to matter...
I believe my sister truly understood this
and it was one of the many things
that made her so easy to love.
Love you sis, shine on.