'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Friday, June 29, 2012

'Evening Magic'

That magical moment just as the sun sets leaving
its golden glow on the landscape.
Those warm and mellow summer evenings
with the swallow families twisting and
darting as they chase down flying insects.
High above night hawks circle back and
fourth their white wing bars flashing in 
the golden light. 
These are the halcyon days
of summer we will dream of in late November.
Breathe deeply...
Oil on canvas 22 x 28.
Your thoughts and comments are valued.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'Burgoyne Sky'

Once again I had the pleasure of painting in
the old hayfields of Burgoyne Bay Park on
Saltspring Island. I was able to enjoy the company 
of many variety's of birds including, this time,
Martins and Goldfinches.
The painting started out in conditions much as 
you see in this image.
However 30 minutes into it things rapidly
changed and found me running with easel, painting,
full palette and backpack for the van.
A sudden downpour tends to have that
affect on a brollyless plein airist.
This piece was completed a couple days later 
back home in the studio...
Oil on wood panel 11 x 14.
Your thoughts comments would be a pleasure.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Cusheon Lake Evening'

One of the pieces I painted while on 
a recent adventure to Saltspring Island.
'Cusheon Lake Evening'
oil on wood panel 
12 x 9
Your thoughts & comments are always appreciated.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

'Last Light Botany Bay'

"The quiet is broken only by the small waves being pushed
ashore by the incoming tide.
You can sense something deeper in the cool stillness.
Soon the coming dusk will envelope the world
where you stand looking...and listening.
Yet you delay leaving,
though the trail back is long and growing ever darker.
Then, raven's call disturbs your reverie
and reluctantly you turn away from the sea 
and head for the trail."
Oil on wood panel 6 x 8.
Your thoughts &  comments are always appreciated.

Friday, June 8, 2012

'South Chesterman Sunrise'

Sometimes a scene so endears its self to you
that once is not enough. This is my 
third attempt at this scene ...
(Is he done with it yet?  You might ask ) 
=:- /
Perhaps, maybe, but, what if...?
Oil on wood panel 6 x 8.
Your thoughts & comments are sought...