'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Friday, June 8, 2012

'South Chesterman Sunrise'

Sometimes a scene so endears its self to you
that once is not enough. This is my 
third attempt at this scene ...
(Is he done with it yet?  You might ask ) 
=:- /
Perhaps, maybe, but, what if...?
Oil on wood panel 6 x 8.
Your thoughts & comments are sought...


Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Jeffrey!... Tired of painting the scene???? I sure hope not!

Every scene shape shifts throughout every hour of every day... of every season of the year! Those changes should always challenge the painter to "see" things differently... and create yet another mood and reason to return!

You do that admirably my Friend!

Good Painting and Happy Summer!
Warmest regards,

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks Bruce....