Evening Clouds & Queen Anne's Lace

Saturday, May 24, 2008

High Oaks Hay Field

Painted at wonderful location yesterday, High Oaks Stables.
The hay field in this painting is almost ready for mowing.
It is a fantastic feeling to sit on the edge of a
field like this. The swooping swallows and bird song,
mingling with the sounds of horses grazing nearby all make
for a wonderful contemplative mood.
I spent countless hours in similar situations during
my youth and the memories flooded in.
I struggled a bit with the amazing assortment of
green shades in this scene, so it was worked on
a bit when I got it back to the studio.
I intended to do some larger pieces using this piece
and some of the photos I took while there yesterday.
Oil on canvas 8 x 10.
Comments are always welcomed.
"Lord, keep my memory green."
(Charles Dickens)
I would like to bring your attention to a new entry
on my link list. Clive Powsey an amazing watercolour
painter from Vancouver Islands Comox Valley.
This painting is available for $250 CDN
plus shipping and handling.
Email me for more details

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