'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

'Approaching Fog' **SOLD**

I was out early yesterday at Saxe Point for a paint and
caught the fog bank as it was trying to come over
the hills to the west. It was a beauty of a morning to
be out and thankfully the fog never made it over.
Oil on board 6 x 6.
Comments always appreciated.


Nicki said...

Hi Jeffrey,

I have enjoyed looking at your blog and your paintings make we want to get outside to paint. I absolutely love "Summer Sanctuary" and wish I could view it in person to get the full effect of it's size.

Take care,

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks so much Nicki...the internet is a wonderful thing but they all look better in real life, even the small ones. Like they say in that old song...
"aint nothin' like the real thing..."