'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'November Sky',

(Canadian west coast Impressionism, fall skies, Swan Lake, Victoria BC, oil painting)

More clouds again everyone!
I'm also trying to keep the foreground quite simple
and loose but interesting.
Oil on canvas 8 x 10.
Your thoughts and comments are hoped for!
This painting is available for $350 with free shipping
anywhere in North America.
Please email me to arrange your purchase.


Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

I can see you had fun with those clouds! And I love the foreground grasses. Folks complain about how brown everything is in winter, but when the sun hits those dried grasses they turn such a beautiful gold.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks Deborah and you are so right about those grasses!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the way you paint clouds.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks Mary!