'Water Lover' oil on canvas 24 x 30

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Island Reach

This is another in a series of arbutus paintings I
have been working on in the studio.
I'm really having a lot of fun with these pieces, just letting
my imagination conspire with reality and watching the
two mingle and flow on the canvas.
Yikes this might be addictive!
Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30.
Comments always welcome.
"The paradox of reality is that
no image is as compelling as the one
which exists only in the mind's eye."
(Shana Alexander)
If you would like information on acquiring
this painting, please contact me by email.


Linny D. Vine said...

Beautiful curves and shadows and I love those clouds, Jeffrey!


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks Linny!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I have a story about a cottage named Arbutus. It's one of DAYS COTTAGES in Truro, MA and I've stayed in it with some of my painter girlfriends several times. These cottages, 23, I think are all named after flower except Arbutus. I had never seen one.
This painting kicks but it is so beautiful! You do capture the joy, Jeffrey.
Thanks so much for your visits and encouragement. It means alot.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Thanks Mary and....right back at ya!


Bruce Sherman said...

Hey there Jeffrey!... I missed this one! Don't know how... but I did! Lovely design and bright colour here... with just a "dash" of West Wind... in my mind!

An absolutely beautiful piece!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,